Prototyping Livable Futures is an art exhibition that shows examples of future solutions, speculative thinking, and ideas from artists, scientists, engineers, and DIY makers around the world. Once the exhibition is on display, community discussions and future casting workshops will explore the future that Linden residents wish for. 

Phase 2 Community Future Casting working together with Art & Technology students, faculty, and alumni, the Linden residents create media that tells the story and visualizes a future they wish to see. Videos, animations, graphic designs, games – or a combination – will be generated, shared, and published on the public project website.

Phase 3 Building Futures Ohio State University students, faculty, and alumni from Art and Technology, Engineering, and the residents of Linden develop and prototype a project that relates to the futures that have been visualized. Systems for growing food, composting, robotics, creative local media generation that highlights social, racial, and environmental justice, and/or other projects of interest may be engaged, as they arise from within the process.

The target audience is university students, alumni, faculty, and young people in the Linden neighborhood. The secondary audience includes Linden residents and gallery-goers who will be able to view the exhibitions and works in progress as the process unfolds in the Emerge space.

The expected outcomes of this grant include co-developing a community of learning, respect, and hands-on engagement that links university students, alumni, and faculty with residents in the Linden neighborhood. The OSU students will gain real-world experience in a racially diverse setting and will learn to value the contributions they make as mentors and collaborators while learning about the important contributions of members in racially diverse communities. We expect Linden’s youth to feel empowered by knowledge gained as they use art and technology tools for ideation and invention. With this experience, we expect their math, science, and creative skills may raise their test assessment scores. Linden residents who might not have considered attending college will find that pathway more accessible through friendships and professional contacts made in the process of this project. 

Curators Ken Rinaldo, Amy Youngs Dr. Ayanna Howard